Episode 2: Britney and Sidney

In this episode, we talk with Unified Partners Britney Bautista and Sidney Tanaka from Special Olympics Hawaii, who were featured in the video “Be the Change: A Special Olympics Unified Champions Schools Film“. We talk about the making of the film, what its like to be part of Unified Programs in the Hawaiian Islands, and future work before breaking down to talk about inclusion and food.

Inclusion is talking about food – Mo ‘Ono Acai bowls, Fried Spam Musubi from Da Kitchen, Lau Lau Pork, Lomi-Lomi Salmon, Chocolate Haupia and POG. And for some of us, Fry Sauce, Swig Sodas, Pizza and Ice Cream.

– All of us, at some points talking during the interview

Tim Shriver talks about inclusion like everybody having a place at the table. Britney and Sidney want to make sure that we’re all there too, and are working to make this a reality.

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Kat n Nat interview Britney Bautista and Sidney Tanaka of Special Olympics Hawaii

Follow the stories of Britney and Sidney, who have worked substantially for inclusion!