Episode 13: Kevin Gillese on ‘How to Ruin the Holidays’

Today we’re talking with Kevin Gillese, a film writer and producer at Dad’s Garage. Kevin builds inclusion through storytelling and self advocacy for his characters in film, starting with recognition of his film short “That was Awesome“. We’re going to discuss disability representation in his soon-to-be released film “How to Ruin The Holidays”, which you can watch the trailer for at howtoruintheholidaysmovie.com!

We get to talk about the upcoming release, his relationship to his brother and to the disability community, and the decision to make a movie with a disabled person. In an interview Kevin did with Canvas Rebel, he said of actor Luke Davis “My relationship with Luke has taught me that when we lift up those who need it most by forging authentic connections, it’s a benefit to us all.” Kevin also says on the movie’s kickstarter site that his brother “Mark has taught me that our differences make us stronger, not weaker, no matter what mainstream culture would have us believe.”

Disclosure we are kickstarter supporters, and Natalie is listed in the credits as a snake wrangler for the film.

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