Episode 14: Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equiha

We are very excited to speak with Jorge R. Gutierrez (@mexopolis on Twitter and Insta) and Sandra Equiha (@holascrayolas on Insta). They are amazing partners creating art and animations like Nickelodeon’s “El Tigre, the Adventures of Manny Rivera“; the movie “Book of Life“; the Netflix series “Maya and the Three“; and most recently the “American Citizen” episode from the Netflix series “We the People”. Their stories are beautiful, with characters who seek acceptance for themselves and from their families, who deal with flaws and excel in spite of them. Powerful lines like “If it is to be, it is up to me” or “No retreat, no surrender!” are mantras from their films. There is also a beautiful contrast in the working styles of these two artists, and their collaborations are as much about art as they are about love and life.

Jorge and Sandra have a son who is diagnosed with Autism. Following a conversation with his parents about the similarities of his younger years and for those of his son, Jorge was also diagnosed with autism at age 40. He explains how his diagnosis explained who he was and is today. He is an advocate for his family and for representing disability in the industry.

Their recommendation to young artists is “Don’t be afraid of change. Be fearless.”

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