2018 Youth Leadership Experience

Coordinated alongside the 2018 USA Games in Seattle, 37 delegations representing their State Special Olympics Program convened for the inaugural Youth Leadership Experience. These delegations embodied inter-generational leadership through the collaboration between the Unified pair and their adult mentor. A variety of training opportunities and activities empowered youth leaders to return to their local schools and communities as agents of change.

Katie Hut and Natalie Green were selected to join as representatives for the state of Utah. Although they had never met, both had joined Special Olympics at age 12, and had participated in Polar Plunge fundraisers and the 2015 Unified Torch Relay. Their initial connection was evident, and 7 days together in Seattle gave them time to learn about and bond with each other. This was the beginning of a connection that would grow and flourish.

A summary of their participation is captured at this Adobe Spark Page: 2018 Youth Leadership Experience