Episode 10: Joshua Felder is an Inclusion Champion

DadnNat welcome Joshua “Swagman” Felder and talk with him about his role as a Global Ambassador for Best Buddies. We walk through 15 years of his life, starting with Best Buddies clubs in middle school and high school, the STAGES program as USF, and the growing leadership role he built along the way. Josh is currently a board member and global ambassador for Best Buddies, and is currently a Mission Partner for Dean Valenti, a Champion candidate for Best Buddies gala in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Josh grew up loving sports and music. He became a social media sensation in 2021 when he performed at the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show with The Weeknd, and subsequently became the first person with autism to perform at a halftime show. Josh also garnered a role in the 2023 film “Champions” that shined a light on his acting ability when he played Darius, a basketball star of a Special Olympics team who has to make a difficult decision about love and forgiveness.

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