Episode 9: CEO Scott Weaver of Special Olympics Utah

DadnNat talk with Scott Weaver, the CEO and President of Special Olympics Utah. Scott joined Special Olympics Utah in December of 2020, and has an extensive background working as an advocate for inclusion with Special Olympics at state, regional and national levels. Scott was most recently a Senior Manager for Unified Sports & Sports Education with Special Olympics North America, and brings a wealth of experience, connection and community to his role in the Intermountain region.

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In this podcast, we get to know Scott through his history of volunteering and service, from Slippery Rock University to the red rocks of Utah. Scott talks about his love for cycling, his introduction to Cheer and Dance, the now famous Bumpboxx, driving with Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and whether he may or may not have been Rocky the Rock at one point in his past.

We also dive into what strides Special Olympics Utah is making to connect with its communities in the state, how the number of programs and sport offerings are growing. As services expand there is a call for volunteers and organizational supporters who can take part in planning and hosting events. We talk about how SOUT is scaling into regional, national and global engagement through outreach and community building.

Learn how to be involved with Special Olympics Utah – click a link to learn more:

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